21cm 100g pencil trolling Fishing Lures 8 colors Solid Wood Popper Seawater GT big game trolling lures

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Deep sea SolidWood pencil Bait Fishing Lure Popper Saltwater GT Lure Mustad Hook 210mm /100g trolling fishing lure

Colores: 8 colors. same to the picture

The Popper is designed to zig-zag across the surface of the water, imitating a fleeing bait fish. Its splashing and darting action attracts reactive strikes from many big game species.

Our Poppers are built tough to last bite after bite. The unique system of heavy-duty components includes a through-body stainless steel wire and a 300 lb. swivel that allows for uninhibited rotational movement to prevent torque from straightening out split-rings and hooks on a tough battle.